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My Backyard 1.0.0

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This PTE show is to confirm how advanced the video engine has become in PTE. I put together a 4:18 second video of life in my backyard back in 2017. I wanted to see if it would play in PTE. It played perfectly. This is a 1920x1080 HD video. The video I used is 471 megs. I put that file on the working track of PTE. I then changed the bitrate to 3500. The file produced ended up 111 megs and on my 43 inch screen I really couldn't notice a change. Nice work guys. I won't leave this up too long but it is actually a very warm video and a bit heartbreaking for me as I will soon have to sell it. By the way, my little water hole is just a couple salad bowls with a water drip from a hose. The rocks in the bowls keep the baby quail from drowning. Also, because I have a wire fence around the back and side of my old double wide trailer, I can leave Lefty out with my door open so she can go out whenever she wants. The coyotes don't come too close and the bunnies and quail are a bit safer. Lefty never makes a fuss about the little guys. When it gets warm she stays in for air conditioning and it keeps her away from the snakes that come out. The wild mules are just across the way west from my place at Lake Mojave. I am going out to Arizona one more time hopefully with Lefty. If we can keep moving with steroids we should be able to do it, but who knows. Every day is an adventure.


I hope this helps with your research on PTE's qualities. It truly is quite wonderful.


Jeff Lunt

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Lin Evans


Love it Jeff !  You created an oasis for the quail and bunny families and they are appreciating it !  Great video captures!

Best regards,


Response from the author:

Thanks Lin. How is your health doing these days?

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VERY nice!  Why are you selling?  The peace a tranquility will be missed.

Response from the author:

Hi Dutch. I was thinking about you a few days ago. How are you doing? I have had a lot of illness for the last 12 years and I've had a big relapse in my cancer lately. I can nolonger maintain two places even though the AZ property is very low cost. Karen won't budge from ABQ as she has roots and very wonderful friends. I can't blame her.  It will take a couple years to get everything out of there and then fix everything but it has to be done and I have just enough time to tie up loose ends and make order before I have to go. Lefty, my dog is going to go soon too so I will have a pal with me on the journey.

Thanks for stopping by Dutch.  

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Hi Jeff

How beautiful, so many natural animals enjoying that gift, in an arid environment. I was waiting for more, when it ended.
I fervently wish your health to improve.


Response from the author:

Thank you so much Manuel for the review and the kind remarks. Thank You.

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Thanks, Jeff.

I liked this animal display very much.

Have a great trip to Arizona.


Response from the author:

Hey thanks Bert for stopping by and the review. I'll keep you posted on my AZ trip.

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