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    Heel mooi Cor. Was dat gedaan in een wadden loop tocht? Worked also very well because you kept the horizon on the same hight. Bert
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Samphire in bloom on the Mudflats of Flakkee in the Netherlands.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Look at the trees in a differend world.
  4. Earlier
    It must have been a beautiful trip. As usual: beautiful pictures (even when the weather was not ideal for photographers…) & a good editing of the pictures with the choosen music. Maby a litte bit to long. Congratulations for the work you have done. Greetings, Eddy
    All your skill and artistry are as good if not better than ever. A wonderful way to start the day with fantastic views of Greenland. Mickp
    Beautiful imagery of a place most of us will never get the opportunity to visit! Thanks for presenting this !!! Lin
  5. Version 1.0.0


    An expedition cruise to Greenland summer 2018.
    Another evocative show. Thanks, Jeff.
    Thanks for sharing Jeff, I always love the feeling of your work.
    Jeff, somehow I missed this show when you published it about a month ago, so glad I found it This is a beautifully made show and a great subject, the music enhances the mood of the solitude and desert landscape. Thanks for posting.
    These comments apply to the two recent posts: Beautiful landscapes, beautiful photography, music really appropriate to the themes. That dog was a great companion, pity they live less than humans. MUR
    I very much enjoyed this one, too, Jeff. Great memories for you of wonderful times with Buck. Thank you.
    I loved this show and will definitely keep it. Very atmospheric with superb photography. Thanks Jeff.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    I was inspired by Lin Evan's post using an old file to demo how well this PTE program worked years ago. This file I posted in 2004, 15 years ago. It was one of my first and I was worried about the reception as it was very personal. The old show shows how well PTE even in it's early stages worked. Anyway, it's just a demo of how well PTE worked 15 years ago and how wonderful it is today.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    I've posted this years ago but I was never satisfied with the show. I've touched it up and added two video files 1920x1080 that show how well PTE now incorporates video. This part of the western US is still quite unspoiled with adventure available at every turn. The file is quite large as I use a 43" screen to edit so I have to keep the files fairly large to enjoy myself. Anyway, I hope some of you enjoy the show.
    Great show...the kind I really love. And you picked images from an area I used to explore every spring and fall. I just love this area and you did a wonderful job of making a very intimate show. Good work all around and thank you for sharing.
  8. In case you are looking for "Demos" it is tucked away in "Browse Categories"
  9. Version 1.0.0


    With PicturesToExe Version 10 beta on the horizon - I thought it would be fun to post a show made nearly nine years ago with PTE version 5.7 beta. It's amazing how much power even this old version of PicturesToExe had. It was far, far more advanced even then than its competition today in terms of animation features and capabilities. Version 10 will be 64 bit and will be released both for the Windows PC as well as a native MacIntosh version. Congratulations are in order for Igor and the Wnsoft development team for continuing to push the envelope and lead the pack of presentation slideshow products with innovation, commitment and delivery !!! This was intentionally placed in the slideshow section because the demo section is not visited that often - in fact some visitors don't really know that there are two sections to SlideshowClub.
  10. Lin Evans


    Nice Denis - Excellent choice of music to augment great photos ! Lin
  11. denisb


    Version 1.0.0


    Some waves from "La Réunion" a French island in the Indian Ocean
    It's a bit wacky but I loved it!
    Enjoyed you interesting show on your walk through southern France. Very good portrayal of the various villages and countryside and I enjoyed the music. It must have been a very rewarding trip. Just a bit of a problem in that many of the verticals were all leaning to the right, maybe some were but not that many – very easily solved in PTE. Also, some, but not all, of the converging verticals could have been improved in Photoshop. It took the edge off the show as once noticed I was looking for them all the way through. Also the show stopped after 11 minutes and I had to press “start” again. Very enjoyable all the same.
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