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    This is a flower show in close up. I started this project to test out Luminar AI, in what it can do for me to convert RAW files to JPEG. I stopped using Lightroom, because the old version 4.4 has problems on my new PC. I don,t want software that charges me € 120 on a year base, for lightroom and photoshop.
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    Great. Thanks for sharing and reminding us the countryside we are missing. Roger.
    Well produced presentation, beautiful images of a spectacularly varied desert with nice music worked into the process. That must have been quite the flight!
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    Hello, Some pictures of Namibia desert taken from the sky. Denis
    As Bill says: "In a word... beautiful" Beautiful landscapes, beautifully photographed and beautifully produced with music. The narrow roads, drystone walls, hills and dales all bring back memories from too many years ago. Well done Maureen
    In a word... beautiful.
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    Another simple slideshow (16:10 format) of an early summer morning's walk in the Great Langdale Valley (English Lake District) , North-west England, a few summers ago.
    Beautiful presentation Maureen. You always capture the magic wherever you aim your camera. I ended up installing Windows on my MacBook in order to see your presentation. Well worth it !! Thanks for sharing.
    Loved it. I've been watching for new files for a long time. Very artistic. You see things much like my wife Karen. I always marvel at the photos she brings home. Things I would pass by she sees it different and brings home something special. One slide in particular near the end...sheep in the foreground and homes in the background...it looks almost like a painting. Wonderful stuff Maureen.
    Maureen, As usual a great show from you, A good depiction of the mood of this past year, with empty landscapes and melancholic music. Thanks for showing.
    You might have struggled a bit for images, but you still produced (another) wonderful show. Great images and synched nicely with the music. Hope you are able to get back out and get the images you'd like for the coming year.
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    A simple slideshow 16:10 format. Struggling a bit for images as due to various reasons, not least lockdown, done very little photography in last 18 months.
  7. I absolutely love this sequence. It is brilliant. I would love to know how you did it! I saw it for the first time last evening shown at a Zoom meeting hosted by the Leeds Audio Visual Group. Thank you. Anne
    wow amazing ... Glad lefty is with you .. What a beautiful doggy
    Well done !! Wonderful images put in a sequence that flows, music to match. Félicitations, trés bien
  8. Jim R


    Interesting little production. Did a great job getting the images and putting them together. Not sure, but perhaps a little narration or subtitles might add ot it, though I am not 100% sure. Trés bien!!
  9. Ivanjou


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    Hug The Ekuney boas are small snakes about 2 m long. Mating is painful for Madame. Therefore, Monsieur takes his precautions.
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    Souls' Day or Dia de Muertos in Mexico
    Very nice transitions. Images chosen very carefully to blend well during the slow transitions. Music well chosen as well.
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    My world of photography choices.
  12. MUR

    Fake Images

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    Negative effects of quarantine, grim exercises in Object and Animation, PTE AV Studio. If you don't like it, I agree. MUR
    Another marvelous production Maureen!!! Beautiful morning and evening light. Wonderful post processing of all the images, particularly the mid-morning to mid- afternoon images. Yes there were a few spots with the usual crowds, but overall, Venice looked almost deserted. You obviously must have scouted out your photo spots in advance. Music, flow, transitions all wonderful. 15 of out of 10 points!
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    A new slideshow. Venice, surely the most beautiful city on earth and possibly the busiest despite which we did manage to find a few of the quieter places. Res:16:10.
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    This is a remake of an earlier AV
    I finally got the file to download, and am really glad I did. Jeff, I liked this one a LOT!! Perhaps more than any of your others, and that's saying something. They're all good! THANK YOU!!!
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