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    I finally got the file to download, and am really glad I did. Jeff, I liked this one a LOT!! Perhaps more than any of your others, and that's saying something. They're all good! THANK YOU!!!
  1. DUTCH

    My Quest

    Three tries to download, and it failed about half way through each time.
    VERY nice! I haven't met Lefty, but did meet your first big guy some years ago. Keep up the great work of loving that dog and making great audiovisual shows! DUTCH
    VERY nice! Why are you selling? The peace a tranquility will be missed.
    Very nice. Adds credence to the old statement: "Don't mess with Mother Nature!"
  2. DUTCH


    Gary, Thanks for the reminder. Been to Mauthausen twice. It's a sobering experience. DUTCH
  3. DUTCH


    Very nice. That is one beautiful bird. Thanks for posting!
  4. Interesting, but fewer closeups and more distance shots showing the complete aircraft would have been more to my liking.
  5. DUTCH

    The Bannack Album

    Very nice. We were there in July of last year. Your pictures and album brought back very good memories! Thanks!
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