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    Thanks, Jeff. I liked this animal display very much. Have a great trip to Arizona. Bert
    Nice scenery and I liked the muted color scheme you used in this show. Bert
    Well done Cor, with the right amount of slow dissolves you got the ambiance of the villages just right. We were there in 2013, thought there were fewer children than but maybe they were in school. Great place to travel, special for us Dutch. Bert
    Heel mooi Cor. Was dat gedaan in een wadden loop tocht? Worked also very well because you kept the horizon on the same hight. Bert
    Jeff, somehow I missed this show when you published it about a month ago, so glad I found it This is a beautifully made show and a great subject, the music enhances the mood of the solitude and desert landscape. Thanks for posting.
    Nice images of this event, you did a good job with changing the music for the different scenes. To bad that I don't understand any French otherwise I might have enjoyed it more I think.
    Nicely done, I realy like these "travel" shows that concentrate on a small place in the big world.
  1. Bert

    Yemen 1976

    Beautiful images of this ancient Yemeni culture. So sad to think of the carnage that is going on there now.
    donf An other great show, you seem to be on a roll here. Liked the many third images and the mood you created with this show.
    Great images and I really liked the way you had made the transitions as book pages. The only thing I found distracting was the visible line in the spread out pages of the book. DaveG has made a bookstyle where you don't see the line in the spread out. I liked the music and bird sounds also very much and you bird images are superb. Thanks for posting.
  2. Bert


    There must be a cultural difference that French shows mostly have spoken word in them and English shows seldom. I thought the images were very well composed and some dissolves would have made for a great third image if those dissolves had been slower. The music fitted the mood of the images but by me not understanding any French, made the spoken word taking away of really enjoying this AV. Bert
    Paul has a very interesting face, but I think you overused it in this show. I think you could have shown more images with him working on the clocks.
    A great show of dramatic images especially in the skies. I liked the way you have arranged them to get some fine third images. Bert
    Great show with images of fantastic dramatic skies and landscapes. I Liked the little red blinking light you had in the (antenna?)
    Maureen, as always an excellent AV. The images and music created a nice mood. Thanks for showing. Bert
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