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  1. Manuel Urdaneta

    Alternative Colours

    Excellent handling of this effect, especially in the clouds. Very good MUR
  2. Manuel Urdaneta

    THERA Mystic Blue Santorini

    Simple presentation, beautiful photos, beautiful places, very colorful and with appropriate music. Very nice. MUR
  3. Manuel Urdaneta

    Images Alterations

    Version 1.0.0


    Modify images inside PTE, without other software MUR
  4. Manuel Urdaneta

    Solari Board

    The procedure of using a single video and stopping it according to its duration is very good. MUR
  5. Manuel Urdaneta


    Very beautiful photography and music. I loved it MUR
  6. Manuel Urdaneta

    Christmas Greetings From Lin and Ruby

    Very nice, thanks Lin MUR
  7. Manuel Urdaneta


    Version 1.0.0


    Animation in PTE9 MUR
  8. Manuel Urdaneta

    Through the lens close up

    Very simple, but colorful and nice. I like the music too. MUR
  9. Manuel Urdaneta


    Very, very good, a marvelous work MUR
  10. Manuel Urdaneta


    Muy bueno MUR El gallito de las rocas en Venezuela
  11. Manuel Urdaneta

    Images of Yorkshire

    I see the oversaturated colors as an integral part of the audiovisual. I would only change some transitions a little faster, but it's a very good job. Congratulations MUR
  12. Manuel Urdaneta

    Living on the Edge

    Hi Harry. Excellent, pictures, music and synchronization MUR
  13. Manuel Urdaneta

    Ingrid Gane

    Very good. You can see my posts "How to Make a Virtual Book" and "Virtual Books template" in the section Demos, of this Slideshowclub MUR
  14. Manuel Urdaneta

    Castelbuono, Sicily

    I really liked this audiovisual. For the old people like me, it is a town where it must be very pleasant to live. MUR
  15. Manuel Urdaneta

    Civil War

    Excellent, a good example of how to produce a great audiovisual on relatively simple images, but with hard work and creativity. MUR