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  1. Version 1.0.0


    This is my Lefty follow up. It is story driven so it is a bit long. Lefty is nearing the end of her line now so I really wanted to make a tribute to her. When I adopted her I knew she was at least 6 years old and maybe more. She spent 4 years in a kennel after she was rescued. She had nipped a couple folks that had come to see her. I know dogs and know what sets them off and I'm used to larger breeds. And because I have been ill for a few years I no-longer felt right about getting a puppy as I am on thin ice myself. Anyway after a couple months with me she settled down. We are best buds now. We are going up to the Jemez Mountains this morning if I can get her in the car. I have to lift her these days but she has lost weight this last year while I have gained weight. It's going up into the 90s the next couple days and Lefty and I need a break. More to follow when we get back. I hope you enjoy Lefty's show.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    I posted this a few years ago when I first met Lefty. Her name was Bacardi but I'm not into booze names. I spent two days at the facility after driving 300 miles to southern California getting acquainted. Of the 22 dogs she was the only one who wouldn't come out of the shadows laying in the back of her kennel not acknowledging anyone. I put up my camp chair outside her kennel and sat there for a couple hours with my back to the kennel. I dropped a few treats and gradually she came out and started taking snacks. I fed her that night and walked her in the morning and then took her for a short drive. That was it. I took her home but had to drive the entire 300 miles without letting her out as I would have to lift down from my 4x4 and thought her head next to mine when she really didn't know me was foolish. When we arrived at my AZ shack I just lifted her down quick and she went right into the fenced in area around my trailer. I would like people to know about her before I post another video in a week or two to update this beautiful creature as now she is quite old. I salute this beautiful dog.
    Fantastic. Perfect narration and you have a beautiful voice. Soothing. Well done.
  3. Jeff Lunt

    My Quest

    Version 1.0.0


    This is my most personal video of all. Much of it has been put into other shows but the ultimate version was this one. I have hesitated to show this pte show for many years as it exposes my very personal feelings. As time is short I now don't care how others view it so much. I now feel it is time to let er rip. No more holding back. My wife Karen and I are artists in different fields...Musician and Artist. The opening poem says it all. I have never wanted to put together a show without a direction or story. I like moving towards something. Hence this show isn't for everyone by a long shot, but I hope some will find a feeling or emotion that makes sense.
    Great show. Much to my liking. I read Bert's review and downloaded your show immediately. The only thing I would have liked was a slowdown of the individual slides. I love the old movie sets and this looks like a fantastic one and I know I'll never see it in person so thank you so much for posting.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    This PTE show is to confirm how advanced the video engine has become in PTE. I put together a 4:18 second video of life in my backyard back in 2017. I wanted to see if it would play in PTE. It played perfectly. This is a 1920x1080 HD video. The video I used is 471 megs. I put that file on the working track of PTE. I then changed the bitrate to 3500. The file produced ended up 111 megs and on my 43 inch screen I really couldn't notice a change. Nice work guys. I won't leave this up too long but it is actually a very warm video and a bit heartbreaking for me as I will soon have to sell it. By the way, my little water hole is just a couple salad bowls with a water drip from a hose. The rocks in the bowls keep the baby quail from drowning. Also, because I have a wire fence around the back and side of my old double wide trailer, I can leave Lefty out with my door open so she can go out whenever she wants. The coyotes don't come too close and the bunnies and quail are a bit safer. Lefty never makes a fuss about the little guys. When it gets warm she stays in for air conditioning and it keeps her away from the snakes that come out. The wild mules are just across the way west from my place at Lake Mojave. I am going out to Arizona one more time hopefully with Lefty. If we can keep moving with steroids we should be able to do it, but who knows. Every day is an adventure. I hope this helps with your research on PTE's qualities. It truly is quite wonderful. Jeff Lunt
  5. Jeff Lunt


    Hi Lin...Glad I stopped by. Amazing bit. Fascinating. I haven't been too regular of late but I do enjoy visiting. Keep up the good work and experiments. Even if I don't use them very often I like to see how others use the great effects. Thanks again. BTW I'm going to post a video experimenting with the latest software update from the PTE gang. It really has come a long way these last couple years. All the best to you and yours. Jeff
    Lovely show worthy of the wonderful soundtrack from the movie Somewhere In Time. It is one of my favorite movies from that time. Christopher Reeve was such a handsome man. He went through the last years of his life with such dignity. I read his autobiography and he didn't spare any details. Classy guy. Anyway back to your images. Beautiful. I loved the lighting and the tree branches with the back lighting. What a wonderful walk and you captured it beautifully. Hats off to you.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Found Found a piece of music that got my old juices flowing. Put pics and video from several adventures from the past to the music with an eye towards video and how much I could could shrink it and yet keep good HD quality and still stay within the megabits limit. I hope you enjoy the show. Jeff
  7. Version 1.0.0


    I was inspired by Lin Evan's post using an old file to demo how well this PTE program worked years ago. This file I posted in 2004, 15 years ago. It was one of my first and I was worried about the reception as it was very personal. The old show shows how well PTE even in it's early stages worked. Anyway, it's just a demo of how well PTE worked 15 years ago and how wonderful it is today.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    I've posted this years ago but I was never satisfied with the show. I've touched it up and added two video files 1920x1080 that show how well PTE now incorporates video. This part of the western US is still quite unspoiled with adventure available at every turn. The file is quite large as I use a 43" screen to edit so I have to keep the files fairly large to enjoy myself. Anyway, I hope some of you enjoy the show.
    Great show...the kind I really love. And you picked images from an area I used to explore every spring and fall. I just love this area and you did a wonderful job of making a very intimate show. Good work all around and thank you for sharing.
    Loved your images. Just what this forum needs, not just another 1950's slideshow. Great job and looking forward to your next dream.
    Hi Gary. Glad to see somebody venturing into motion video as PTE can now support it perfectly. I know what it is like to keep the files within the size limitations of the club. Anyway everything looks fine and worked well. I like the action cams. I recently bought the Yi cam and a gimble and used it walking and driving over rough terrain in Utah. It came out fantastic. If I can get part of it within limitations I might post again. But ultimately it is for my own satisfaction. Thanks for showing folks that video can look great.
    Enjoyed the show very much. The music seemed like it was for a happy town in Bavaria. The people and animals probably didn't think of this place as a wonderland but other than that I liked the show and was fascinated by how beautiful it was when not working there. Many mules in the mines in the US suffered the same fate. Thanks for posting...I really liked it.
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