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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Found Found a piece of music that got my old juices flowing. Put pics and video from several adventures from the past to the music with an eye towards video and how much I could could shrink it and yet keep good HD quality and still stay within the megabits limit. I hope you enjoy the show. Jeff
  2. Version 1.0.0


    I was inspired by Lin Evan's post using an old file to demo how well this PTE program worked years ago. This file I posted in 2004, 15 years ago. It was one of my first and I was worried about the reception as it was very personal. The old show shows how well PTE even in it's early stages worked. Anyway, it's just a demo of how well PTE worked 15 years ago and how wonderful it is today.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    I've posted this years ago but I was never satisfied with the show. I've touched it up and added two video files 1920x1080 that show how well PTE now incorporates video. This part of the western US is still quite unspoiled with adventure available at every turn. The file is quite large as I use a 43" screen to edit so I have to keep the files fairly large to enjoy myself. Anyway, I hope some of you enjoy the show.
    Great show...the kind I really love. And you picked images from an area I used to explore every spring and fall. I just love this area and you did a wonderful job of making a very intimate show. Good work all around and thank you for sharing.
    Loved your images. Just what this forum needs, not just another 1950's slideshow. Great job and looking forward to your next dream.
    Hi Gary. Glad to see somebody venturing into motion video as PTE can now support it perfectly. I know what it is like to keep the files within the size limitations of the club. Anyway everything looks fine and worked well. I like the action cams. I recently bought the Yi cam and a gimble and used it walking and driving over rough terrain in Utah. It came out fantastic. If I can get part of it within limitations I might post again. But ultimately it is for my own satisfaction. Thanks for showing folks that video can look great.
    Enjoyed the show very much. The music seemed like it was for a happy town in Bavaria. The people and animals probably didn't think of this place as a wonderland but other than that I liked the show and was fascinated by how beautiful it was when not working there. Many mules in the mines in the US suffered the same fate. Thanks for posting...I really liked it.
  4. Jeff Lunt


    Just watched this slideshow again, a year later, and I still think it is wonderful. If you haven't seen this show you are really missing something. It gets better as it moves through time like a great movie. This guy is his biggest critic. Why he is still trying to make it better is just wonderful and nuts. I think he should go to the top of everyone's list.
  5. Jeff Lunt


    Hey Bert. I made something along these lines a couple years ago but never posted. You got a lot more variety than me as I couldn't actually get into the old railyard building in Albuquerque. Great images and the brutal mechanical music fit well. Kind of a heartless feeling to something that was once life giving and wonderful. Thanks Bert. I haven't been by in a while. I keep trying to post a show pertaining to my feelings about my country, but can't get an upload. It is a bit large, just over 160 megs, but anyway that is another story. Thanks for reposting. Jeff Lunt
    Enjoyed your show...I think I would of liked a longer version. I am older and not in a hurry. Anyway, you did a good job.
    Hey Maureen...nice show, perfect music and terrific scenery. You must be very proud of your son. To be fit enough to hike at that altitude is something special. I was born with poor lungs so I always marvel at those with a good pair and then they go out and use them on great adventures. It looked a bit dry there...is it always like that? Did your son mention anything about weather? The length was fine but I always like to stop and take a moment along the way. I know the true context of the show is disturbed with pausing so I see your point. Luckily I like to show my wife the shows I enjoy so I will get to study it further. By the way, I have a hard time looking at my own shows from start to finish by the time I've finished working on them. Also, I was wondering, did you enjoy working on your son's photos and editing and arranging them. Years ago I did many shows for friends and family and usually liked working on their stuff more than my own. Would love to hear your take on it. All the best to you and yours, Jeff
    Mark...okay, I'm a big fan as of today. I like this show too...and I've never taken to man made anything, but you have got me by the throat...two out of two shows that I've seen. I loved the middle piece of music the best. Perhaps a fade to black between music numbers might flow best and save that perfect music for the end...yep, I know it is just my opinion so don't take it personally. Not a critique but maybe something you could try...or maybe you already did. That is my first impression only, and I only say this as you said you weren't perfectly satisfied. Can you put a Music By at the end of the show. I sure liked most of it. Will share your shows tonight with my wife Karen, also known as Huck to me as she doesn't need creature comforts to have fun. I can't get to these places and I'm relying on you to keep up the good work. Really loved your take on this adventure. Jeff Lunt
    Wonderful show...the music choice was perfect. Zimmer is one of my all time favorites and this particular piece called Time has a dark melancholy to it that fits the hardships of the people, and their struggles. Really, I loved it more than any show I've downloaded in a long time. Also, normally I'm not a people person as photography goes, but you had a perfect balance as pertains to when you put a person in and when you put scenery in. Fabulous. I just can't say enough. One question, and it isn't meant to be critical at all...how did you take pictures of the people in the streets? I would find it extremely difficult to point a camera at someone toiling with there daily routine. Did you do it secretly or offer something in return? Just curious as I am a total coward when it comes to this sort of thing. Again...terrific show in every respect. Jeff Lunt
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