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    Another evocative show. Thanks, Jeff.
    Thanks for sharing Jeff, I always love the feeling of your work.
    Great images and good show. Expecting to visit there very soon. Maybe April-May?
    Lovely images. What is the name of the font used?
    Stunning images, as always. Thanks!
    Creative and interesting and I love the song. This show works.
    Beautiful images. I love the ending. What a beautiful place to visit, or live! Thanks.
    Outstanding photos and music. Your work totally works for me. Thanks. Great B&W.
    Your photographs and subjects, the faces of the people are gripping. Well done.
    I love how you captured religion, people and the character of the place. Well done. I love your photography and work.
  1. Interesting and informative. Thanks. Sorry I can't seem to make the rating system work.
    I Absolute loved this slide show. Gripping images and well put together. Thanks.
  2. JudyKay

    Ever Higher

    Wow! Great job! I enjoyed your presentation. Thanks.
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