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  1. Lin Evans

    The Directors Cut

    Beautiful imagery and perfect background music. The very interesting thing to me is how it's perfectly possible to have incredible images without all the hoopla over dynamic range. Nearly every day I hear criticism on photo and technical forums that camera A has better dynamic range capabilities than camera B and how that's so terribly important to photographers. I call BS on this. Yes for certain photos and perhaps for forensic photography dynamic range may hold great value, but these images are perfect examples of why it's (dynamic range) not the be all - end all for photographers. Sometimes expressed dynamic range gets in the way of an otherwise beautiful photo. Sure, you could have adjusted the curves, levels, or shadows/highlights on these photos to allow the viewer to see all the hidden details in the shadows and have rendered a show where the viewer could see highlights and shadow details easily, but then the entire damn mood would have been destroyed and the effects of the dynamic high contrast would have been lost. Congratulations on producing a product which does what it was intended to do rather than conform to the expectations of armchair pseudo-experts of which many have never produced a photo worth spending the time to observe! Nice job, Best regards, Lin Quote Edit Options
  2. Lin Evans

    The Directors Cut

    Excellent use of high contrast imagery with very good and mood setting appropriate music. First rate.. Congrats! Lin
  3. Lin Evans

    The Storm Season

    Excellent images and appropriate background music for dramatic effect Barry. Good job! Lin
  4. Lin Evans


    Beautifully done Maureen - love the imagery and the music... Lin
  5. Version 1.0.0


    2017 Christmas greetings to all our PicturesToExe friends from Lin and Ruby Pup in Colorado... Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all....
  6. Lin Evans

    Possible For Christmas Style

    Version 1.0.0


    Just a possible idea for a Christmas Style .... Let me know what you think.... Lin
  7. Lin Evans

    Styles Demos For PC and Mac

    Version 1.0.0


    For Christmas season I've created a number of Snow Globe Styles for PTE 9 which are available via links on the PTE forum under the General Discussion category. This is a demo of those styles for anyone interested.... For anyone using PTE 8 I also have Snow Globe Styles available by request - just PM me on the forum or on the PTE Facebook group and I'll give you links...
  8. Lin Evans

    Photo Album Demo.zip

    Really great job Dave. You've put lots of work into these styles and they will be extremely useful for people learning to use PTE 9. Thanks! Lin
  9. Lin Evans

    Photo Album Demo.zip

    Really nice job Dave - you've put lots of thought into these styles and they will help many PTE users get started and take advantage of the really great feature set in the new PTE 9 - thanks! Lin
  10. Lin Evans

    ptethebestpc.zip ptethebestmac.zip

    Version 1.0.0


    Just a quick demo of some capabilities of PicturesToExe which are not found in other presentation slideshow products. Text circling a rotating planet (Jupiter in this case) is something which can be accomplished in Photoshop Extended in the 3D Video section, but it results in a video being created. The text can't be manipulated beyond what is done in the video. The colors on the front and back of text can't be different and individual characters can't be in different fonts, etc. With PicturesToExe this is all possible and much more! PTE is vastly more versatile for doing this than even Photoshop Extended. This demonstration created in PicturesToExe 9 demonstrate 3D animated and orbiting text showing both front and back of the text - demonstrating color and different font characterists. It also demonstrates multiple layers and masking as well as use of RGBA alpha channel and chroma key extraction features. Many of these capabilities will not be used in the average slideshow, but are there for those who wish to experiment and try new things with this magnificent product.
  11. Lin Evans

    Ingrid Gane

    Looks great to me Ingrid - love the smooth mix of video and still images and very pleasing selection of background music!
  12. Lin Evans

    360 panorama

    Version 1.0.0


    A few years ago, my old pup Honey and I on a beautiful fall morning decided to catch sunup on Devil's Gultch Road north of Estes Park, Colorado. On the way up, a cougar (mountain lion) jumped over the hood of my truck. By the time I could grab my camera and get out of the truck she had disappeared down the mountain side and into the trees of the forest. A quarter mile up the road I met a man walking his two dogs off the leash. I stopped to warn him about the big cat and he told me that the wildlife people had been trying to trap her for a couple weeks to put a radio collar on her. She had been hanging around and enjoying the views too I guess. Another couple miles up the road I stopped here at the junction of Devil's Gultch Road and Lumpy Ridge Road near the Lumpy Ridge trailhead and shot this series of shots which encompassed a bit more than 360 degrees. I stitched them into a very wide pano to demonstrate how PTE can be used to display a 360 degree horizontal panorama. The sun was just about to peep over the horizon and several hundred elk were contentedly grazing on the grounds in front of ranch homes. A beautiful morning in Colorado....
  13. Lin Evans

    Jewelry Reflections

    Version 1.0.0


    My late wife Sherry had Native American (Cherokee) ancestry and was an avid collector of Native American Indian art. For 35 years we traveled across the southwest USA to various reservations where we traded with native craftsmen and got to know many of them quite well as friends. I spent many years doing gallery art photography for many museums and galleries in the southwest and still stay in touch with a number of well-known artists. These are some of my images of exquisite American Indian art... I shared Sherry's love for both the art and culture of our indigenous people... Lin
  14. Lin Evans

    Waterfall - zipped Mac and Windows exe files

    Just a reminder to all that the purpose of the Demo section as opposed to the Slideshow section is to show things which "can" be and sometimes are being done with PicturesToExe. I have not demonstrated a waterfall animation on Slideshow Club in the past, and people who have already seen this effect in shows perhaps on the PTE forum are not going to see anything new here. However, in all fairness, what is demonstrated here is primarily for those not already aware of the many different types of animations possible with PicturesToExe. The waterfall animation is just that - it's not a slideshow and not designed to do more than demonstrate the effect. So if you are looking for entertainment then just ignore this because it's essentially 60 seconds of tranquility. Lin
  15. Version 1.0.0


    Windows and Mac zipped exe files - about six and a half megabytes - Demonstration of water effects with PTE. Tutorial for this can be found in the Tutorials section of the PTE Forum.