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Found 8 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    Sample of a two minute construct using one of my Snowglobe styles.. Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep In Snow....
  2. 369 downloads

    Slideshow of our trip to Uzbekistan in September 2013 Diaporama de notre voyage en Ouzbékistan en septembre 2013 Link to Youtube : http://youtu.be/-l3OU_ICnY4?list=UUq7TdYrnDiybj-A1EDOpGuA
  3. 250 downloads

    This show was made in 2008 & is about a Wensleydale village that opens their gardens to the public once a year. & also hold a scarecrow competition. 30MB Aspect Ratio 16-9. Yachtsman1.
  4. Version 1


    It's funny how an idea for a show comes up from the most unexpected sources sometimes. That's the case with Bomber's Moon, I was researching comedy shows for a forthcoming Comedy AV night, and was looking at Mike Harding's material. If you've never heard of Mike, he was once known as the Rochdale Cowboy & I have seen his show live a couple of times & find him very funny. He does have a serious side though, his song Bomber's Moon came about due to his late father dying on the way back from a WW2 bombing raid. My take on this is,- besides 2014 being the100th anniversary of the start of WW1, it is also the 70th anniversary of the controversial last mass allied bombing raid in October 1944, when 1,338 bombers and 811 fighters set out to try to bring the war to an early conclusion. The show itself contains Mike's poignant song, a video background, with 25 PNG images. It's 6.5 minutes & due to the video 110MB. Yachtsman1.
  5. 245 downloads

    This is my take on the comical poem by Mal Brown. Cat lovers look away. Just over 2 minutes, 15MB. Yachtsman1.
  6. 226 downloads

    This is my take on another monologue from Walter Stanford. This is a parody on Fred Dibnah who I first came across when I worked at a company in Bolton Lancashire. Just down the road from the office lived Fred, who had a pretty flamboyant reputation as a flyer against convention & often passed our office driving a 19th century steam engine at top speed, with fire and smoke belching from the chimney. When he started to appear on TV, I followed his antics, sadly in 2004 he passed away with prostrate cancer. However, before he died, he was awarded the MBE medal for his services to the country & the town recognised this by raising a statue of him in the now city square. The show is 7 minutes long, has some video clips, a voice over & some dodgy animation. It is intended to entertain the audience at our AV nights. the download is 44MB, This one will also be on Youtube.. Just remembered, this is the second show dedicated to him which you can find on my database, it's called "The Hunton Steam Fair, part 1". Yachtsman1.
  7. 478 downloads

    Beautiful colors of spring.
  8. 564 downloads

    My trip to the Lake District, England, 2010.
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