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Found 448 results

  1. 332 downloads

  2. 323 downloads

    All images shot on a days visit. Takeing with canon DSLR.VERY BEAUTIFUL PLACE.
  3. 648 downloads

    A new slideshow - resolution - 16:10 A few images from a couple of days spent in Amsterdam during August 2012. Amsterdam is the capital city of The Netherlands, famous for its historic bridges amongst other attractions.
  4. Colin

    Cornwall part2


    Took these photos last year of Cornwall, HDR, size of file 20.2mb, 1920 x 1080, Running time 4mins 5secs.
  5. Version pc


    These photos I took last year of Cornwall, HDR size if file 15mb,1920 x 1080,Running time 5mins 5secs
  6. 498 downloads

    An edited version of a slideshow I did for the ten members of our safari trip to Kruger National Park, South Africa. 4mins 50; 1728x1080; 60mb
  7. 675 downloads

    A record of a few days in Florence during March 2012.
  8. 377 downloads

    A selection of photographs taken around the county of Yorkshire, Northern England in spring and autumn time.
  9. 477 downloads

    My 2013 Christmas Greeting - A Southwest Christmas From Colorado - Next Year, God willing and the creek don't rise, it will be from Cimarron, New Mexico. Web Safe Windows PC and native MacIntosh executable versions. Custom made tree ornaments, Native American Arts, etc...
  10. 532 downloads

    The second part of the cruise into the High Arctic, this one in North-East Greenland.
  11. 493 downloads

    The first part of an expedition cruise starting in Longyearbyen, Spitzbergen before sailing across the Denmark Straits to North-East Greenland.
  12. 527 downloads

    A few images taken during October 2012 in the North-Western Highlands of Scotland and the Isle of Skye.
  13. 483 downloads

    A collection of images taken by my son during visits to Iceland in March and September.
  14. 406 downloads

    Images taken during an expedition cruise from Puerto Williams in Chile into the Antarctic Peninsula and ending in Ushuaia, Argentina.
  15. 422 downloads

    The dicline of Val Benoit University Liege Belgium, the time stands still.
  16. Lakelandlass



    The Lofoten Islands, an archipelago off the north-west coast of Norway, within the Arctic Circle. An area beloved of photographers and artists for the quality of the light and scenery.
  17. 581 downloads

    Autumn days in the Highlands of Scotland.
  18. 562 downloads

    Images taken during a drive in and around Iceland September 2013.
  19. 574 downloads

    A few images taken during several days walking in the Yorkshire Dales, an area of scenic beauty in the North of England.
  20. 723 downloads

    A mysterious video cube rises from the sea. Examples of multiple video displays on rotating cube, water effects, text effects and masking effects. PicturesToExe is an extremely versatile animation environment as well as being, in my opinion, the best overall presentation slideshow tool available. There are three types of download files available: Conventional Windows executable, Web Safe Windows executable (digitally signed executable with accompanying data file) and native MacIntosh executable file. To use the Web Safe PTE version, download zipped archive and extract both files into a folder. Click on the executable to play.
  21. 840 downloads

    An imaginary Maldives Island creation including the use of water effects, video, animated gifs and masking. Three download possibilities: Conventional Windows Executable, Web Safe Windows Executable with digitally signed exe file plus data file, native MacIntosh executable file.
  22. 592 downloads

    A demonstration of why I believe PicturesToExe is the finest product of its type, not only for conventional slideshows, but also for creative animation presentation. This demo includes the following: Gradual build-up of falling snow, cloud movement, transparent cube, elliptical object orbit, Venetian blind effect, flying bird, text effects, alpha channel video, multiple layers, masking, rubik's cube animation, geometrical construct, etc. Both web safe Windows PC and native MacIntosh executable formats presented. PTE has a feature known as "web safe" where a digitally signed executable portion is accompanied with the data portion. Download the zipped PC archive and extract both files into a single folder and run the exe file. The MacIntosh version may be run by simply Ctrl Clicking and ignoring the warnings. No antivirus or warnings of any kind with this absolutely trustworthy technology! Congratulations Wnsoft!! Job well done!
  23. 566 downloads

    My trip to the Lake District, England, 2010.
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