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Found 449 results

  1. Version 2


    This is an up-dated version of a 4-3 aspect ratio show, converted to 16-9 widescreen. A voice over gives a brief history of the Abbey. 35MB 9 minutes run time. Yachtsman1.
  2. Version 2


    HMS Trincomalee is part of the Hartlepool Maritime experience in the North East UK & well worth a visit. There are disabled facilities which enable wheelchair bound visitors to see most of the ship's below deck areas. The Trincomalee is the oldest floating warship in Britain, the older ones such as the Victory are in dry docks. 41MB, 11 minutes.
  3. Version 2


    We applied to visit a live recording of the "Hairy Bikers Mum Knows Best" TV show. This shows the manic goings on at a live recording of a TV programme. 26MB 6mins run time. Dedicated to the late Keith Floyd. Yachtsman1.
  4. Version 1


    This show is a result of two trips to Newcastle upon Tyne, the first being a camera club trip & the second six months later in winter. 68MB 9 minutes run time. Yachtsman1.
  5. 267 downloads

    I have been to Fountains Abbey and the adjacent water gardens of Studley Royal on several occasions. Its always worth a trip in Autumn when all the images were taken. They were taken over a two year period. Hope you enjoy.
  6. Version 1


    This is the third in the trilogy of shows based on Mike Harding songs. This one revolves around the Australian campaign in Gallipoli in the first world war. It's 89MB & 6 minutes. Images from the internet. Yachtsman1.
  7. 272 downloads

    This show is based around another of the songs sung by Mike Harding. It has a particular significance to me as my Dad was born in Accrington & served as a boy soldier in WW1 from 1915 until he was wounded & invalided out of the army. The show revolves around the song and the subject the Accrington Pals. In August 1914, during the early days of the First World War, the British Government was hurriedly seeking volunteers to join the armed forces to fight in the fields of Europe. It was suggested by the Government, that men would enlist in this volunteer army more willingly if they could fight alongside their friends and colleagues from their home towns - the concept of the 'Pals' battalion was born. At 07:30 on July 1 1916, 720 men, the fighting strength of the Accrington Pals, left their trenches and advanced across no man's land towards the village of Serre, only to be met by a hail of machine gun and rifle fire from the German trenches. When the roll was called by RSM Stanworth that evening, less than one hundred men answered their names. This is a 5 minute show of internet images 35MB. Yachtsman1.
  8. 475 downloads

    29.2 Mb; 1920:1200; 49 slides; 5m.23s; An updated version of what was probably the first A/V I made some seven years ago, photographed in the Jostedalsbreen and Jotenheim National Parks, Norway.
  9. Version 1


    It's funny how an idea for a show comes up from the most unexpected sources sometimes. That's the case with Bomber's Moon, I was researching comedy shows for a forthcoming Comedy AV night, and was looking at Mike Harding's material. If you've never heard of Mike, he was once known as the Rochdale Cowboy & I have seen his show live a couple of times & find him very funny. He does have a serious side though, his song Bomber's Moon came about due to his late father dying on the way back from a WW2 bombing raid. My take on this is,- besides 2014 being the100th anniversary of the start of WW1, it is also the 70th anniversary of the controversial last mass allied bombing raid in October 1944, when 1,338 bombers and 811 fighters set out to try to bring the war to an early conclusion. The show itself contains Mike's poignant song, a video background, with 25 PNG images. It's 6.5 minutes & due to the video 110MB. Yachtsman1.
  10. 245 downloads

    This is my take on the comical poem by Mal Brown. Cat lovers look away. Just over 2 minutes, 15MB. Yachtsman1.
  11. 225 downloads

    This is my take on another monologue from Walter Stanford. This is a parody on Fred Dibnah who I first came across when I worked at a company in Bolton Lancashire. Just down the road from the office lived Fred, who had a pretty flamboyant reputation as a flyer against convention & often passed our office driving a 19th century steam engine at top speed, with fire and smoke belching from the chimney. When he started to appear on TV, I followed his antics, sadly in 2004 he passed away with prostrate cancer. However, before he died, he was awarded the MBE medal for his services to the country & the town recognised this by raising a statue of him in the now city square. The show is 7 minutes long, has some video clips, a voice over & some dodgy animation. It is intended to entertain the audience at our AV nights. the download is 44MB, This one will also be on Youtube.. Just remembered, this is the second show dedicated to him which you can find on my database, it's called "The Hunton Steam Fair, part 1". Yachtsman1.
  12. grom

    Wind Catchers


    The concrete windcatchers are 20 mtr high and 2000 mtr white to protect the ships for the west winds in the Caland Canal.
  13. Version 2


    I have now split the database into two sections, this one is purely Audio Visual Slide Shows, made using Pictures to Exe from 2007, over 100 shows. Yachtsman1.
  14. Version 1.0


    A glimpse of the Algarve, Portugal.
  15. 499 downloads

    Res: 1920x1200. A slideshow of photographs taken during the autumn and winter months in the Lake District National Park, north-west England.
  16. 529 downloads

    This one was much more difficult to make than it might appear. The idea here was an attempt to get total realism in the flames, reflection on the brass casting on the fireplace and on the front of the couch in the bright area as well as completely altering the original image by adding my dog on asleep on the chair complete with lighting and matching shadows from the lamp, a painting above the fireplace, a totally different scene outside the windows and a number of other minor changes to the original image. A real fire was video taped complete with sound, sparks, embers and such and the original fireplace was carefully replaced. Masking, three dimensional transforms and and other techniques were used to get the fire itself and the inside of the fireplace to look totally natural. Photoshop, screen captures and such were used to carefully create the masks for the flames reflection on the brass casting on the fireplace and reflections on the bright front of the edge of the couch. These required careful sizing, placement and opacity control. PNG transparencies were created to remove the original background outside the windows and replace them with a totally different scene. 3D transforms, masking and png transparencies were used to place the oil painting above the fireplace complete with realistic shadows, etc. A very simple scene, but hours of painstaking work in PTE as well as in PhotoShop was necessary to get the desired effects. I was happy with the result because it adds those seemingly insignificant shadows, reflections and such to give the scene realism. Thanks to the fantastic capabilities of PTE this was possible. These techniques are some of the things I cover in some of my tutorials.
  17. 515 downloads

    A gentle and hopefully relaxing low light tour of Bristol's Harbour Side.
  18. tva1840



    Driving down good ol' Highway 1 from San Fransisco to LA, last September. Stopped off in Monteray and found a classic car rally going on. So filled my memory card and this is the result. The music is self explanatory. Though some of the very old cars were photographed on Route 66 which happened later in my tour. First trip to the states in 30 years.
  19. 361 downloads

    A mix of images from around Scotland taking over a time.
  20. 365 downloads

    Images of the Northumberland coast under various weather conditions.
  21. 268 downloads

    For those who dont know the nickname ' Hovis ' is given to anyone in all branches of the UK Services. So named after a very famous brown bread loaf of the 30's and 40's. My friend Alan [ Hovis ] Brown visited China in October 2013. He allowed me to create a presentation with his pictures.
  22. 297 downloads

    A look at some of the old and new iconic scenes of one of Portugals's most popular resorts
  23. Version version 2


    Animation example. Icosahedron with 3620 individual video screens in simultaneous operation on zooming, rotating animated construct. Rotating starfield, rotating and moving Earth and flaming asteroid. All an example of what is possible to do with PicturesToExe 8.01 with use of masks, alpha channel video, styles and PTE features. Two files - Download either for Windows PC or for MacIntosh. Each file is a 99 megabyte download.
  24. Lin Evans

    Plasma Project


    This is a demonstration of a number of interesting (at least to me) things which can be done with the extremely versatile PicturesToExe slideshow product. First, there is the use of Alpha Channel Video with masking. Then there is the precise timing of the appearance of objects, the use of PNG objects - the Plasma Display was created in PhotoShop with the very nice PanosFX action. Then there is the ultra smooth panning of PTE, the ability to incorporate video and the use of specialized files prepared in PhotoShop to create the snow animations through the windows. Finally, use of specialized text effects allowed via the Three Dimensional Transforms to end the show with circular rotating 3D Text. Note in the beginning that the candle flames on the candles on the mantel sequence on as does the candle located to the right of the fireplace. Then the small cabin model on the mantel emits smoke from the chimney. After the image on the Plasma Display pans to the far right, the television in the room comes to life playing a "Frostie The Snowman" cartoon. The scene pans back to the far left revealing more room detail and then eventually back to the right and the show ends with credits for PTE and PanosFX with a circular three dimensional text effect. Hopefully this type demo can encourage those wishing to learn these techniques to look at the many tutorials available on the PTE forum for further explanation and instructions. Links are to normal executable, web-safe executable and native MacIntosh executable versions, all of about 25 megabyte download sizes. Lin
  25. 329 downloads

    Taken on a trip to Venice. The sequence was first put together in 2010/11. One of my earlier works. Slightly altered later. Burano used to be a fishing village, now of course it's main purpose is a tourist destination. Hence all the colourful houses. I can recommend it for a trip out for anyone visiting Venice.
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