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    Auschwitz [ Revisited ]

    Version 1.0.0


    I first visited Auschwitz in 2009. In October 2017 I was invited to return as a guest of the Ayrshire [ Earl of Carrick's Own ] Yeomanry. It was an offer I couldn't refuse. The museum has evolved by some margin and the communications between guide and visitors is now electronic. Brilliant. However nothing can diminish the full impact of the horrors that took place there. I used the same soundtrack as in my 2009 version as it just seems to be the right piece for the presentation. I have a feeling we'll be back...
  2. Trailertrash

    Krakow Salt Mines

    Version 9.013


    The Salt mines of Krakow ] Originally in a small suburb of the City ]. The ' Great Chamber ' is almost 500 feet below the surface with salt sculptures created by the original miners and recently by contemporary artists.
  3. Trailertrash

    Bloomin Battlefields

    Version 1.0.0


    In this the 100th Anniversary of The Somme and Passchendale, I thought of the very fine work the War Graves Commission does. This is my tribute to them.
  4. Trailertrash

    Images of Australia

  5. Trailertrash


  6. Trailertrash

    Rosewood Railway

  7. Trailertrash

    Put on a Happy Face

    Version 1.0.0


    Every year since 2010 I've done a show on the Edinburgh Tattoo. This year I thought I'd concentrate on the faces which make up the Fringe and the Tattoo. The soundtrack is ' Put on a Happy Face ' by Oscar Peterson.
  8. Trailertrash

    Rosewood Railway

    I'm running out of words to compliment your work Barry. I could have sat through twice that and loved it.
  9. Trailertrash


    Excellent as usual Lakelandlass. Your command of exposures never ceases to amaze me.
  10. Trailertrash

    The Bannack Album

    LOL. Meant to give this 5 stars but hit the wrong button!
  11. Trailertrash

    The Bannack Album

    Absolutely brilliant Bert. This goes into my keeper folder.
  12. Trailertrash

    New York Part 4 - Out and About

    Version zip


    The final part of our Xmas trip to New York.
  13. Trailertrash

    Images of Australia

    Beautiful images Bob. As a great fan of the ' album ' style of av I loved the presentation. Why would you not show this. Its a cracker. Thank you for posting it.
  14. Trailertrash

    New York Part 3 - Downtown

    Version pc


    Part 3 of our trip to New York. Inc Ground Zero, Liberty and Downtown.