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    Another marvelous production Maureen!!! Beautiful morning and evening light. Wonderful post processing of all the images, particularly the mid-morning to mid- afternoon images. Yes there were a few spots with the usual crowds, but overall, Venice looked almost deserted. You obviously must have scouted out your photo spots in advance. Music, flow, transitions all wonderful. 15 of out of 10 points!
    Another great show Jeff
    Nicely done Lin
    Nicely chosen music. Wonderful images of a desolate looking landscape.
  1. Jim R

    My Quest

    Very emotional production, well done Jeff. The music was very well chosen, images were beautiful and well sequenced. Obviously, as you said, a very personal presentation
    Certainly and interesting display of using the PTE Animation features
    Beautiful production, as always, Maureen!! Lovely early morning/late afternoon light in many of the images. Well chosen music.
    Bill - you are missing (another) great show. Hope Catalina and other softwares resolve their issues soon for all. Maureen: As usual another great show. Loved the special light in many of the images, especially the "down in the valley" images. Reminded me of one shot I took many many years ago in similar landscapes/area. The lone large tree in the fog atop the hill is another favourite. I did notice that the sound track was a bit glitchy in spots. First time I have ever noticed that with any of your AVs Keep them coming!
    Very nice production Jeff. Liked the mix of stills, video and zooms. The scenes with the birds flying was really nice. I would have been tempted to pan while making the video which would have been a mistake compared to looking at your video of letting the birds come in and out of the view. I'll have to remember that next time.
    First version rec'd 5*, so does this one. Like them both. I think I saw a few differences going by memory,but nothing bothered me about the first version. Excellent presentation Maureen, as always.
    Interesting presentation. Had not been aware of these types of villages before. Thanks
    And another excellent presentation from Maureen. Wonderful images blended well with the music. Keep them coming Maureen!
    Another excellent Maureen show! Nicely sequenced and sycned to the music. I haven't been to that part of England for way too many years (35-40 years) I almost thoguht I recognized some of the harbours and pubs, but then many look alike. Thanks for the memories Maureen. I should visit again.
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Absolutely wonderful bird images. Captured from a boardwalk for the most part I assume. I appreciate the work that went into producing the AV, but speaking only for myself, it didn't click with me. I think you used the AV transition technically very well. But aesthetically, I am sorry, it did not catch my attention. I found it distracting. The constant timing, and having to wait for the bird(s) to straighten out put me off. The bird images themselves kept me there. I have seen this page flipping approach used several times and I think it can work better when there is one image per page and with a border around it. The full two page spread, for me, didn't work for these pictures. Perhaps a few full two page spreads used throughout the show with the others being single picture/page might have been OK for me. (But then the images wouldn't have been as large and not as impressive.) Maybe I am "old school" but if you had used simple fade transitions, slightly stronger music and variation in screen times and transition timing I might have offered a standing ovation. Remember the above are just one person's thoughts, the person you need to satisfy is yourself. I don't always agree with feedback.
    Well done, creative composting handled very well. Use of B&W helps drive home the message. Photography excellent and music works well
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