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    Natural history, macro photography, focus stacking
  1. daviddare

    The Colourful World of Caves

    Version 1.0.0


    It is amazing how much colour can be found underground, rock and minerals each have their own character which grow and merge together to form fascinating patterns. For these shots I used a more powerful flash that the pop-up one built into the camera, this was bounced off the walls where possible which in turn added their own colour. I guess I could have done a better job on the shadows with a brolly, but that might have been a bit frowned on. This one won my local camera club AV competition last Christmas.
  2. daviddare

    Two Poppies

    Highly enjoyable! To me a good AV should flow, and this flows beautifully and is technically excellent. Well done.
  3. daviddare

    It's a Cubic World

    Version 1.0.0


    Well this is my first upload so lets see if it works. We will start with a bit of surrealistic humour originally created with P2E 7 back in the days when you had to make your own 3D boxes. This one won the Xmas 2013 digital AV competition at my local camera club.