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    Jeff. Such an adorable trailer !! But yes, I know you like to travel light and sleep outside under the stars. Again wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing !
    Well done Jeff. You certainly have a magic touch with your camera. Wonderful landscapes, but how you find them is beyond me.
    A lovely tribute to a great companion whom you gave a comfortable home to. Thanks for sharing. I certainly hope you are doing much better and are out of the hospital now !!
    In a word... beautiful.
    Beautiful presentation Maureen. You always capture the magic wherever you aim your camera. I ended up installing Windows on my MacBook in order to see your presentation. Well worth it !! Thanks for sharing.
    Maureen. I would love to view your latest offering but it does not open on my MacBook with latest macOS 10.15 Catalina. I'm beginning to think that there is an issue between PTE and Mac's newest OS. :-(
    Maureen, you’ve probably already received my email, but just to reiterate… beautiful photography, as always. Another great presentation yet again. I can’t believe we actually saw our exchange cottage in Port Isaac in your show. What are the chances? Please keep your wonderful work coming!
    Outstanding photography and presentation as usual Maureen. It's a true delight to watch your creations. Thanks for sharing ! We are heading back across the pond three weeks from today. Can't wait to get back. :-)
    Nice job Barry (and your son). We just returned from 3 months in Australia/New Zealand and quickly purchased a DJI Mavic Air upon our return. We'll be certain to bring it along when we return in 2019 It was great to revisit the Glass House Mountains and the water tower near Mooloolaba Beach in your show. Thanks for sharing.
  1. Great work Barry. A delightful piece to listen to while also enjoying your superb photography. Thanks for sharing. - Bill
  2. Absolutly beautiful Maureen. Perfect music matched with your superb craftsmanship with a camera. You always capture your homeland in perfect light. Thank you for sharing. We can't wait to get back across the pond in May/June 2015. Happy Holidays ! Bill
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