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    JUST RIGHT -- great shots ken
    very interesting collection - we need to be reminded of things we learned in grade school -- great colors and pictures -- well done! thks Ken
    fabulous -- colors -- details and collection of picts what more can I say oh ya best of all manual control Ken
    VERY INTERESTING -- SHOULD HAVE MANUAL CONTROL do a google for details of the wind device"s ken
    great collection - lovely colours -- manual control full screen great mix thks Ken
    full screen with manual control - smooth movement -- shows a village ken
    quality picts but a bit long ken
    very creative too many baby shots you might have warned people to adjust the volume before playing same -- mine was at 100% from last use - little Richard put me back in chair:) ken
    ANOTHER MASTERPIECE by Maureen -- would hate to say how many shots she took to put this package together -- so much to see thks M ken
    Giel Full screen, manual control your dream shows your graphic ability and what can be done with P2E --- i think i would have a very restless sleep if it was mine! ken
    QUITE A COLLECTION although it would be impossible, it would be neat to have the "toranado" image collapse at the end! ken
    Maureen your thighs must be stiff doing all that climbing, but the end result was worth it:) full screen manual control, but this is one show that pausing is not recommended -- play it again Sam! ken
    FULL screen - manual control - beautiful images -- a keeper Ken
    MAUREEN MUST HER camera in "the God of photography's" pocket -- her show's are always letter perfect I have never seen a bad one:( ken
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