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  1. Kingcanon

    THERA Mystic Blue Santorini

    Version 1.0.0


    THERA is the Greek name of a volcanic island we all know under the name "Santorini". It is well know for the blue and white roof tops of its churches and its views over the volcanic water filled caldera.
  2. Kingcanon

    Sinfonia de flores

    A nice slide show in an extremely relaxing atmosphere. Just take a comfortable seat and start dreaming of summer fields full of flowers and humming insects ... Thanks Eddy.
  3. Kingcanon

    Armenia 2015

    Beautiful show of a country quite unknown to most of us. You as an explorer have given us a nice insight of these untrodden paths. Thanks !
  4. Kingcanon

    A well kept secret of Africa

    Extremely nice and educational slide show of the daily life in Ethiopian villages. Looking forward to see the show of your next trip ! Well done.
  5. Kingcanon

    The priests of the desert.

    Beautiful and educational slideshow, with attractive pictures of Ethiopian priests in different locations. Well done !
  6. Kingcanon