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    Tuscany in the Siena area ...
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    On 11 July 2009, at the very same venue where they held their first concert in Montauban in 1989, the Dumoustier Stompers gave their audience a dream performance représenting the culmination of twenty years of music, adventure, heated rants and friendship...
  3. hmmm, there are always tourists in Venice, but to avoid them, simply move away from crowded places .. Sorry for my english (Translator) ...
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    To please for Maureen... You prefer the "Venice of the Venetians" ... or the "Venice of tourists" ?
  5. Charlie


    Thank you to all ... Maureen, Venezia Fiction perhaps will not be understood by those who do not read French ... ?
  6. Charlie



    Voyage .... Images of my travels .... France (home), Bolivia (Altiplano), Iceland, Italy (Tuscany), Algeria (Assekrem), Niger (Ténéré) and back home ...
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