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    Alcester, Warwickshire, UK
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    Photography, particularly Macro, Flowers, Gardens, but holidays etc., and making AVs. Have 120 + AVs ranging from a few minutes to 30 minutes and a few lasting 1 hour.
    Also on occasions I do take some Video.

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  1. johnwnjr


    Version 1.0.0


    Stanton House Fountain
    I thought that it was very clever and beyond my imagination on how all the effects were achieved.
    I liked many of the dissolves and changes in colour from flower to flower. I thought the weather the pictures were taken in unfortunate. Although the title is "Hidcote Manor Gardens" the sequence does not really tell you very much about the Garden and how it broken up into many smaller gardens. I too have an old sequence taken in the garden in 1973 and later which I will endeavour to put on Slideshow for you to comment on please!. It may be too large.
    This is attractive and impressive especially I should think if you haven't seen one of Lin's Waterfall sequences before. It made think that it could be useful as and advertisement but as a sequence goes on for sometime without anything happening! I don't mean to be unkind but technically it a wonderful achievement, but as it is not really new, it didn't do a lot for me!
  2. Version v.1


    West Coast Highlands of Scotland.
  3. Enjoyed your show and thought the initial opening excellent as it gave an indication of the setting and the height you were at. Didn't really see the need to flip the title though. The close up of the flowers were delightful and of course of the animals. It seemed that two of the younger goats were the ones you used in a demo years ago!
  4. Version 1920 x 1080


    One of my earliest film slide sequences "A trip on the Tallyllyn Railway" recently scanned and remade. The train you see is the one you hear, as I was there when the recording was made. It was an exercise in getting the sense of travelling with still photos by making a suitable soundtrack.
  5. johnwnjr

    Iguazu falls

    Enjoyed this sequence, liked the effects and the music. Thanks, John
  6. I've been there and done that! Splendid atmosphere and soundtrack. Much enjoyed.
  7. Version Short Version


    As a local memorial sequence for the people of Alcester this reflects Alcester, Warwickshire, Before, During and After World War 1. The pieces of music selected from AKM Historic CD Album suggests Foreboding, Peacefulness, The War, Celebration and Memorial Dedication. The Pictures are from the 1900 to 1921. The sequence is intended to run as a repeating (kiosk) showing in a Globe House public exhibition during August, advertising a fuller version to be shown publically on September 5th. The full version has already been shown to 140 people at a British Legion Meeting for their funds,
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