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I posted this a few years ago when I first met Lefty. Her name was Bacardi but I'm not into booze names. I spent two days at the facility after driving 300 miles to southern California getting acquainted. Of the 22 dogs she was the only one who wouldn't come out of the shadows laying in the back of her kennel not acknowledging anyone. I put up my camp chair outside her kennel and sat there for a couple  hours with my back to the kennel. I dropped a few treats and gradually she came out and started taking snacks. I fed her that night and walked her in the morning and then took her for a short drive. That was it. I took her home but had to drive the entire 300 miles without letting her out as I would have to lift down from my 4x4 and thought her head next to mine when she really didn't know me was foolish. When we arrived at my AZ  shack I just lifted her down quick and she went right into the fenced in area around my trailer.  I would like people to know about her before I post another video in a week or two to update this beautiful creature as now she is quite old. I salute this beautiful dog.


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Lin Evans

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Hi Jeff  -  a beautiful girl and she found the perfect forever home. I appreciate what you have done for her and how she has responded. I too am the companion of a sweet soul I named Ruby. I've had American Pit Bull Terriers since I was 7 years old. My grandparents were breeders and when my last pit dog Buster died, I thought I would never have another dog, but as fate would have it, someone dumped a female who had been fought for many years in a ditch near the big Prosper Cattle Ranch in Flagler, Colorado. The ranch manager (who is also a veternarian) saw someone throw something out of a pickup truck and he found her and nursed her back to health then posted a note on Facebook. One of my dear old friends, a rancher who lives about 14 miles from Calhan, Colorado saw the note on Facebook and to make a long story short, my friend called me and said "I've got a dog for you." It told her I didn't know I was looking for a dog and she said "you are, now get your butt down here and pick her up. I drove the 360 mile round trip and brought "Ruby" home. She's a big girl - about 75 pounds and had deep scars on her back, neck and down to her throat. There  is a place on her back where hair will never grow back. My late girfriend Lisah, who died March 1, 2018 had been a professional dog trainer and spent two years training Ruby as my service dog. Ruby was probably about 5 or 6 years old when I got her and she's now nine or ten - hard to be certain. She too has had all her incisors ground off and is still dog aggressive, but loves people, especially women and children. She's completely trustworthy and goes everywhere. When Lisah died, my friend who got Ruby for me and Ruby and I took Lisah's 89 year old mother to Oregon to live with Lisah's older sister. Since then I've made one more trip with Ruby to Oregon to take the last of Lisah's art (she was also a talented artist) to her mom. My friend Jan who got Ruby for me and I took a trip to New Mexico and Ruby was perfect in motels, in restaurants and so on. She's my best friend and constant companion. I'm certain that Lefty fills that same void for you !!  Looking forward to your next video...

Lin & Ruby pup

Response from the author:

Lin...thanks so much for the expanded info on Ruby. I remember well when you adopted her. Thanks for the story behind her. She sounds like a very sweet gal and much like Lefty. Unfortunately for me Lefty is probably about 12 and losing her hind legs which is common for larger dogs. When she is excited, usually food time, she spins like crazy which might be from being in a kennel for 4 years. This causes her to sometime slip and fall.  When I got her she was 119 pounds. I looked at her carefully today and I believe she is losing weight...thou her appetite is very good. An old pal came to visit today and while he was leaving Lefty came up to him. No problem. I did keep her out because the last time he visited she nipped him. He has dogs too and hardly flinched. He was petting her for about 10 minutes and she snapped for some reason and that was all that happened. She was teased a lot in confinement so maybe that is something to do with it. Like Ruby she is dog aggressive thou with nubs for teeth she can't draw blood, but like you know, even with nubs they can crush bone.  Thanks again Lin as you know these kind of breeds. Karen wants a tiny dog so her cats aren't threatened. I know what she means but I keep telling her that as long as i can camp I want a dog that can hold it's own. Hawks, Eagles, Mountain Lions, there are so many animals that can come into camp and take your beloved pet and run into the forest and eat it. One of my students went to a birthday party on the east side of the Sandia Mts here is ABQ. While picnicking with the family, who had just given the boy a kitten, a hawk came buy and took the kitten. Nice birthday for a little boy. When my previous girl Sammy and Lomax were in a fight out behind my house Sammy nearly broke my wrist. They were 10 weeks old.  It takes folks that know the breeds and can accept some shortcommings. When I hear people scuff I always say, " It takes a special women to accept my shortcomings".

Thanks Lin and all the best to you and Ruby

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