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New Zealand 2.1

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This is a simple slow fade style slideshow produced for my family, featuring photos taken on a once of a lifetime trip to New Zealand.  

What's New in Version 2.1


I took all images into LR and tweaked them, removed a few dust spots, etc. I use jpgMini Pro as part of my export approach and as a result, the file size of the show is now only 22MB (from 44MB previously.)

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I was watching Top Gear, in 2009, and Clarkston was testing a V12 Aston Martin and I loved the music in the background.  I googled "Top Gear Clarkston V12 Aston Martin music" was discovered that there was a Top Gear forum, were addicts and fans commented on each show.  It turned out the music was by Brian Eno and was called 'The Ending'.  This produced much wails and sadness as the forum members thought this was a subtle message that this was going to be the last in the Top Gear series!

I liked the music as it fitted my mood at the time, I had just lost my son and was feeling rather melancholy. I did V1 at that time and then forgot about it (2009).  This V2 keeps the music but the slide order has been changed to create a better flow.  (In 2009 I had never heard of Photo Harmony, and knew very little about slideshows.)

As always; I welcome feedback and promise, in advance, not to get upset!

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