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After an exhibition of lace : a very short fantasy animation with lace poppies (variations on a theme)

Don't give up before the end : just 5 minutes !

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Thank you for your kind messages


" How did you do the folding of laces or what software did you use ? "


It's necessary to cut the picture into vertical strips

You can use the slice tool in Photoshop (near or behind the crop tool)

Or better, you can use PTE with the "Adjust Image and Border" window (on O&A / properties ).

In both cases you need the help of Excel, due to the lot of objects to be informed, then to handle.


Thanks to the PTE personalized transitions, it is possible to use this principle to make transistions very easily, when a model was made. See for exemple what Denis has made on the French forum Diapositif (Version 8 and Aspect ratio 16/9) :


(It's necessary to be registered, but it's free)

Load one transition, and then edit it, to see how it was made

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When the explanation appeared about 2minutes in I thought it was ending and had been very nice.

Then it continued and I sat back in awe at your technique and imagination.

Wonderful show.



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I didn't think I would have any interest in this show,  but after seeing the reviews I decided to take a look.  You have a wonderful imagination.  Thank you for sharing.


Jeff Lunt

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To me, this is what AV is all about.  The author has taken a simple premise and by combining their imagination and their photographic skills with the amazing creativity of Pictures to Exe has produced a beautiful Audio Visual work of art.

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